One of your officials is struggling to communicate with a member of the public who doesn’t speak your language. The issue is urgent, and the only solution is to use an expensive interpreter. Until now.

Speechly is an innovative translation tool that helps public sector officials speak to customers in multiple global languages. That saves you time and money, while offering best in class service.

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Speechly meets public sector needs

In a globalised world, public sector officials meet individuals from around the world on a daily basisUntil now, the only way to speak with those individuals was to use an interpreter – but interpreters are expensive and must travel to sites where they are needed.  

Speechly uses artificial intelligence to provide real time, accurate and reliable language interpretation. That means your officials can communicate directly with people who don’t speak your language using a Jabra device. 

How the public sector benefits with Speechly

If your organisation needs to communicate with individuals who do not speak the same language as you, Speechly can help.

Offer the best service

Officials can provide services to speakers of 26 global languages.

Eliminate interpretation fees

Interpreter fees cost the public sector millions of dollars every year. With Speechly, you avoid those costs.

Save time

You no longer need to wait for interpreters to travel to your offices to begin speaking to an individual.


Speechly records and transcribes conversations for complete confidence and later reference.

Highly secure

All conversations are stored in a secure, encrypted cloud environment.


Speechly has been tried and tested in multiple public sector organisations.

Speechly public sector use cases

Speechly can be used in any public sector organisation where interaction with people who speak different languages is required, including:

  • Borders and immigration
    Help officials speak with travellers, resolve visa issues, conduct bag searches or conduct spot checks with ease.
  • Healthcare
    GP’s, hospitals or ambulance workers cannot always speak the same language as patients. Speechly helps describe symptoms and communicate diagnoses.
  • Police and crime
    Speak with victims, suspects or witnesses who speak minority languages. Build trust and rapport with communities.
  • Social services
    Provide personalised support to families, distressed people or other individuals who need help but cannot speak your language.
  • Mass transit
    Communicate with lost or confused travellers at ports, train stations, airports, bus stations and other transit hubs.
  • Education
    Provide training and education services to migrants, refugees or international students who have limited skills in your language

Want to see Speechly in action? Check out the product page.